Residential Care Unit by Sou Fujimoto Architects


The residential care unit designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects is located on a gently sloping hillside overlooking Hokkaido, Japan, and provides accommodation for up to twenty mental health patients.

Through an ingenious manipulation of modular plans and elevated forms, the architect has created a settlement with its own striking identity, embodying the landscape.

Adopting the contemporary interest in applying a single cladding material to both walls and roof, the building are simply articulated in black profiled cladding, producing an overtly contemporary composition.

The 5,4 x 5,4 meter units – with flat, mono-pitch or ridge roofs – contain cellular accommodation separated by triangular alcoves, entrances and circulation zones.





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  1. What a nice project. I just stumbled upon your site, it’s really cool. I hope it’s OK to use the jpgs from your site in my blog.

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