Semiramis Hotel by Karim Rashid


Semiramis, Karin Rashid‘s first hotel project, is an intimate hotel that focuses on positive energy, heightened experiences, culture, art and design. It is a place for new contemporary experiences, to enjoy, work and relax in a truly memorable way.

Semiramis is located in the affluent and leafy suburb of Kifissia, is in the heart of evolving Athens, surrounded by high-end boutiques, restaurants and cafes.

Visiting guests will have the chance to experience a 21st-century creation: from the curve in a desk to the light-box installation behind the beds, Semiramis combines art with bricks and mortar.





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18 thoughts on “Semiramis Hotel by Karim Rashid

  1. I like this colorful materials which provide me with the hope, happiness and colorful life.

  2. it really takes the pop culture to a whole new barbie styled level… sooo agree!! very cartoony. i would never rent a room in there. =S

  3. As horrible is the Greek economy is and to think that most likely the owner of the hotel is a foreign investor with all that tourist income flowing out rather than staying. I would never stay in such a horrible looking hotel but would rather experience the culture and find a bed and breakfast and allow my tourist dollars to actually improve the economy of any country I might visit. Is that not what tourism is suppose to be about, bring financial stimulus to a country.

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