Sempachersee Golf Club by Smolenicky & Partner

Smolenicky & Partner designed two new buildings for the Sempachersee Golf Club, the largest golf club in Switzerland located 15 km from Lucerne.

The new buildings, in connection with the enlargement of the course, include the club house and restaurant building and the new maintenance building. The club house is situated on the topographical crest where the vista opens out into a view over the lake and the Alps of inner Switzerland.

The three main functions of the project, the public restaurant, the members’ dining area and the two large entertainment rooms are centrifugally grouped around the centrally located kitchen.

Each of the two restaurants has three large viewing windows, which due to the geometry of the room together form a sequenced 180º panorama over the landscape. The mirror over the bar constitutes in effect a fourth window, multiplying and refracting the panoramic impressions.

The large entertainment hall is dominated by a single over-dimensional window, forming an almost 20 meter long, widescreen panorama over the perennially snow-covered Alps.

The overall form of the club house building is created by the definition of the two U-formed exterior spaces. The two-dimensional dark-orange wall encloses the public forecourt like a partition, while the dark-blue lacquered screen defines the exclusiveness of the outside space for club members.

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