Sharon Fraser’s House


Architect Sharon Fraser designed her personal residence, which is situated in Byron Bay, Australia, with great detailing and a sense of bringing the outside in.

The U shaped plan takes advantage of the surrounding views throughout the day, which acts as a key factor in the allocation of the interior spaces according to the day to day activities. The exterior area is designed to the family’s enjoyment of life outdoors, especially as the sun sets and the house is bathed in a magical glow.

The interior spaces are grand and have generosity to their scale and ambiance. They incorporate a welcoming and warm atmosphere through the deep colored slide partitions and the earthy finishes incorporated in the lounge. Every detail is processed through with great sensitivity and innovation.








Photos by Richard Powers

Via yatzer

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4 thoughts on “Sharon Fraser’s House

  1. Must be a fair bit out of byron to have views like that!

    @incuntasia Yuppies from byron? really? Most people living in and around byron don’t actually have that much money apart from their assets, and thats only because most people owned their houses long before the price rise. Do some research dude.

  2. I love the assumptions made about me and my house. This is Sharon Fraser here. we are not yuppies, thanks for the compliment

  3. LoL at this! Well done Sharon. Oh and as fellow colleague in the profession, nice work. The framed views and understated design is well worth the accolades.

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