Shibuya-ku House by Yuko Nagayama


The house, designed by Yuko Nagayama, is built on a long, narrow plot measuring 6,5 meters by 20 meters and is surrounding by tall buildings that cast shadows over it throughout the day.

The design attempts to resolve the problem of the lack of natural light entering the building by inserting a triangular courtyard on the first floor, which divides the long building in two. Inside the house, the visual continuity is varied because the whole space plays with two types of perception: the real and the visual.







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3 thoughts on “Shibuya-ku House by Yuko Nagayama

  1. Challenging house !
    dealing with triangle is not an easy task ,
    am just wandering if the architect is asked to redesign the triangular courtyard , is he going to design it differently ?
    Just a question
    However, I like the way that the roof of the living room is treated.

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