Social Housing for Miners


Zon-e Architects projected a new social housing for miners located in a mining town in the heart of the Cantabrian Mountain in Spain.

The project, which is state-funded, is the first new residential development in the region for 25 years. The form of the building comprises two masses perpendicular to each other. The concept for the building form takes precedent from the jagged mountains, which at times become geometric.

The colors and materials, such as the local slate, keep the building in context. The black facade acts like coal, absorbing almost all light that falls on it. Each of the 15 apartments is different in terms of size and floor plan. This contrasts with the building’s overall uniform appearance. Each room enjoys views over Asturia’s landscape.





Photos by Ignacio Martinez

Via The Architectural Review

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5 thoughts on “Social Housing for Miners

  1. If you were a miner, why would you want to reside in a residence that resembled your profession. It should be a place of sanctity away from the coal mines. Just my critic, I do appreciate the clean geometric volumes and finishings though.

  2. ugly! i agree with you fleming.. totally. and my question is how does this building actually relate to the site? the influences out of the mountain (which is at time geometric… really?) I think it sounds all too much like an afterthought. i do like the individual types of floor layouts for each apartment.

  3. I think they did a great job. It’s certainly much better than the typical social housing project. The architects managed to give the users large windows with privacy (big plus for that) and modern materials.

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