Spiral Cafe by Marks Barfield Architects


The Spiral Cafe, designed by Marks Barfield Architects, is a competition winning design that combines art and commerce to bring life to a new public space.

The building form is inspired by the 13th century mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci who identified the natural patterns of growth found throughout the universe.

Like a shell, the exterior of the cafe is rough, rugged and durable patinated copper, whereas the inside is smooth and precious and lit by pearl-like glass spheres.





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4 thoughts on “Spiral Cafe by Marks Barfield Architects

  1. the building section is really interesting, it makes me curious (cause i can’t see it in the pictures) does the lowered part of the shell shape become visible to passerbies? is it glass bottomed to see the shell shape below grade? seems like a really interesting space none the less..

  2. sure do man!! wau! nice breakthro back there! salute inner self told u to did that bro!archidudes sure envy fo those

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