The National Grand Theater by Paul Andreu


The National Grand Theater located in Beijing, China, is composed by an opera, a concert hall and two theaters joined under a titanium and glass shell that covers the public area. Paul Andreu designed this cultural complex conceived as a “city of theaters” surrounded by an artificial lake in a new urban park.

The exterior is a shell in the shape of a half ellipsoid covered by titanium panels, and broken in the middle by a curtain of glass that opens gradually from top to bottom. The entrance and other passages are under the lake.







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18 thoughts on “The National Grand Theater by Paul Andreu

  1. complete rubbish. paul andreu is so contrived. its a shame chinese like him so much because no one else does.

  2. it’s really fabulous..i like it a lot..hope we see somthing better and better! Bravo and keep going!:)

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