The Ring House by TNA Architects

TNA Architects designed a country retreat outside Tokyo, Japan, wrapped in rings of glass and wood and has an uninterrupted 360 degree view of the forest.

TNA designed rings around the facade so that areas of private spaces and utilities could be met. The height of each ring was decided by the function concealed behind it. The glass between the rings allow you to look straight into the forest, so the whole house appears to dissolve into the forest.

Via World Architecture News

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43 thoughts on “The Ring House by TNA Architects

  1. Interesting design, awful to live with. I’d forever be paranoid that people are watching me from outside at night!

  2. I love the juxtaposition of the exterior horizontal members with the verticalness of the trees.
    Beautiful! Elegant!!
    A modern tree house-stacking layers, framing great views, with a connection to the outside!

  3. I want that house! Just think of the beauty you would see every day that is hidden by stucco walls.

  4. Every weirdo in a 100 mile radius would turn up each night for a free show.

    Completely unrealistic and impractical design.

  5. Looks like a this house is few step backwards from Corbusier. I thought we were progressing, not digressing. The whole design makes me nervous to look at. Not to mention that is does not react with the site at all, its just plopped down.

  6. Looks good but I hope they have a damn good ventilation system otherwise it could become a sauna.

  7. Hi,

    We don’t see many houses here with lots of glass, and I guess that the’ye not much seen anywhere else, except in properties away from the public, I believe.
    For when I see these houses I think : do they have any system to prevent people seeing inside and at the same time permiting the user to see outside ?
    Because in the photos one can see inside.
    I know that there are those systems, but some of these seem to skip them ?

    Kind regards,


  8. Amazing, however you couldn’t walk around in the buff as your would scare all the wildlife 🙂

  9. Though I would hate to live in it, the design has an interesting flavor, but is not entirely unique or original. It would be great to be used on set of a movie.

  10. Look great but it seem terrible…it’s not personal..everyone can see owner inside all the time

  11. The more impractical the design, the more attention it gets. Isn’t this what all designers want after all?

  12. The first picture is fascinating. It’s like a big lantern. I would love to visit it and see how it feels with the trees 😉
    I agree that by night it may lack some privacy, and I wonder if people may be able to observe you from the road on top.

  13. Stunning project. plants and trees on the inside of the house is the only thing missing. if it were mine, i’d fill the place with screens and plants and art and shit. When you want to look out the window all you’d have to do is brush aside some vines.

  14. I think it’s a geat design.

    The only problem with this design is the cost of it
    If you intend to make a house like this, the key to it are the windows. You can get windows with a very low U value and also make them so you can see outside and them can’t see inside. I belive the Japanese have developed this kind of glass for a public bathroom right in the middle of crowded intersections. It can be practical in large projects for neighborhood.
    The only problem are the costs, but can be overcome.

  15. I would like to work in that building, But I would never want to live there. Its more practical for a peaceful working environment. Id have a mini one of those made on my property to do my freelance work in the day and then treck to my own home somewhere else on the property after work. If I ever had that type of money to throw away, I mean. ;P

  16. Mmm well i think they tried to do some great design, but they forgot the environment, because make a view of 360° doesnt mean that it has a relationship with the context. So it looks like a box that could be design for downtown LA, Tokio, New York or anywhere else, and put it inside that forest. It should be a design MADE FOR THAT CONTEXT that is real architecture.

    Renato Orezzoli

  17. It’s an interesting idea.. But not practical… no privacy and I hate the ‘ring’, it’s very distracting. It’s an installation art, not meant to live in. btw, will you like to live in this ring box? Human is not an animal, being trap in these little box and viewed by all the animals from the forest. Designer just would like to be Unusual, but never think about the practicality, space that interact with human pyschology. Sad thing to say:(

  18. This is an installation art, not for living. Designed by an artist, not architect.
    There’s a difference between ARTIST and ARCHITECT.

  19. It is on a private estate, no one can see in.
    What a bunch of unimaginative conformists.

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