Todos Santos House


Gracia Studio designed an interesting house located in Todos Santos, Mexico, made up of two houses, one available for rent and the other one as a vacation home for the owners.

Two basic materials were used for the finishing tough of the project’s facade: talavera tiles, a typical materials in México since the Spanish conquest and exposed concrete walls. These make the residence embed perfectly in its natural environment.

All the rooms in the house are open towards the pool and terrace which provides easy access to the outdoors. The focal point of this home however remains its beautiful semi-covered pool, a perfect space for socializing and relaxation.









Photos by Sandra Muñoz


Via Freshome

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5 thoughts on “Todos Santos House

  1. I am familiar with the site, I dont think a concrete box its the way to go with this ammount of direct and extreme sunlight. I dont understand why leave the bedrooms without views and cross ventilation.

  2. Hey Coolboom, thanks for featuring the Casa Moderna! It’s a really beautiful property AND you can rent it for your next vacation.

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