Tolo House by Alvaro Leite Siza

The Tolo house, designed by Alvaro Leite Siza, is build on a sharply inclined hill in Penafiel, Portugal.

The house fragmentation, necessary due to the steep topography, transforms the whole into a composition of small linked and interconnected volumes, creating an unevenness that allows for a more secure and rational use of the lot.

The form resulting from a rigorous, modular geometric abstraction establishes the necessary rotation of certain modules to adapt to the natural morphology of the terrain, trying to preserve all the pre-existing trees.

The project include three bedrooms, a social bathroom, a living room, a dinning room, a small kitchen with a support washbasin, pantry, and even a small outdoor swimming pool. The outdoor patios, corresponding to the roofs of various levels, are connected through a pedestrian path that border the lot.

The interior floors, doors, and baseboards are in wood, except in the water areas. The exterior doors and windows are in metal, which are double-pained for improved thermal and acoustic insulation.

Photos by Fernando Guerra

Via CubeMe

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18 thoughts on “Tolo House by Alvaro Leite Siza

  1. So sterile…
    Nice, but cold.
    FLW houses were warm and welcoming, this litle candy is a nice museum/gallery. Minimalism in housing is a failure, you can’t relax if you’re afraid to throw your socks on the floor…and you can’t even get drunk in there, cause you might break your neck without a staircase railing. good luck, owners!

  2. this is Siza’s son’s house. Good materials, beautiful house but it has more stairs than the eiffel tower. who wants to live there¿!

  3. for all problem u have made. its a good site and good building treatment…

  4. hello,i’m student in a french architecture school and i’ve got to work on that project,does anybody knoww more precisely in penafiel where that house is located,i’m lokking about any pictures of the site i could found,please it would be very kind of you if you could help….thanks

  5. so there are two alvaro siza? the father and the son? who is the most well known?
    i believe this building is so interesting..
    the outdoor stairs, the entrance are so inspiring..
    i believe that this building imposes a certain eccentric way of moving inside it, just love it!

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