Tubac House by Rick Joy


Rick Joy designed this contemporary house burrowed into the hillside, with a tough rusted steel skin that enables the house to slip lizard-like into the desert.

The coarseness of the rough steel exterior contrasts with the refinement of the interior palette of white plaster, stainless steel, maple and translucent glass. The huge undivided glass walls flatten the landscape on the window surface and turn it into a monumental painting.






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5 thoughts on “Tubac House by Rick Joy

  1. love the architecture. wish i could work in such an unforgiving climate. i remember seeing rick joy lecture. he talked about how in the desert where you get 3 inches of rain a year, the rules are different. don’t get sunburned, watch out for scorpions. jamb a sheet of plate glass into a rammed earth wall, and that’s how you keep the weather out. try that in chicago and you get laughed at, and just after the client runs you out of town the building falls down. a lot of the impact of his design relied on that kind of simplicity. having refined his style under these conditions, i’m sure it translates well to his more sophisticated complex buildings.

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