Wettingen School Cafeteria by :mlzd


The old cafeteria of the Wettingen School was too small, due to constantly raising pupil number, so :mlzd projected the new cafeteria according to the typology of the existing buildings.

The new cafeteria has a rural character and part of a the conceptual and formal analogy with the traditional farm, which makes the volume, types and structural features of the interior space.

The building envelope, composed of a homogeneous coverage of black anodized aluminum sheets, plays with the light that seeps between the silhouettes of the flowers and leafs cutout of the aluminum sheets.








Photos by Dominique Marc Wehrli

Via Judit Bellostes

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4 thoughts on “Wettingen School Cafeteria by :mlzd

  1. Interesting. I like the shape but I’m not sure about the color. I wonder why they chose that material. Are there picture from inside the addition? It doesn’t look like much light can get in.

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