X2 Resort Kui Buri


Located on eight acres of virgin beach coast on the Gulf of Thailand, the X2 Resort Kui Buri is meant to harmonize with its surroundings of undisturbed greenery and calm fishing villages.

There are twenty-three villas with private terrace, garden and pool. Villa walls are made of locally-quarried rock and stone, and are prolonged to appear, from the neighbor’s point of view, as a fence.

Within the villas, beds are positioned towards floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open onto the beach, and clean, understated furniture adds to the resort’s overall atmosphere of unpretentious sophistication.





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13 thoughts on “X2 Resort Kui Buri

  1. Wow this is beautiful! Looks really natural and sophisticated. Minimal but effective wouldn’t need anything more if staying here especially when you have those views!Great simple, sleek designs.

  2. Wow, I usually think of rock like that as being for rustic looks, but it’s wonderful and modern in those pictures. Of course, anything would probably look fabulous with those ocean views. I guess I know where I’ll be visiting for my next (read: first) trip to Thailand.

    How much are the villas per night?

  3. It is a lovely place, but there is only one bed and a bathroom? Because I would like to have more place in there…
    But it is gorgeous! I do not know about a better morning than waking up and see and smell the sea. I just hope that if I let those doors open, nobody will rob me, because I could not close the doors for the night and I would like to listen to the sea all night long. 🙂

  4. OMG this is where tiesto stayed!!! beautiful!! love the view! anywhere he goes i would very much love to go too =) (ps the stone walls juxtaposed by blue waters are to die for)

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