Za-Koenji Public Theatre by Toyo Ito


The Za-Koenji Public Theatre designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito, is an impressive black volume in the middle o the city of Suginami in Tokyo, Japan.

Managed by Creative Theatre Network (CTN), the contemporary performing arts theatre produces, presents and supports a wide range of cultural activities for the community of Suginami, enabling people of all ages to see and take part in many art forms from drama and dance to music and storytelling.








Photos by Iwan Baan

Via ArchDaily

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3 thoughts on “Za-Koenji Public Theatre by Toyo Ito

  1. Because of the unique architecture, the corridor appear to have some kind of irregular curve, even though it’s a straight path. The light also gives it an unique feature. This is an example of how amazing architecture is the foundation of great interior design.

  2. Beyond a shadow of a doubt Toyo Ito is from one of the most talented architect not only in Japan but around the globe as well. His use of abstract design for buildings is the key point of his fame. Since 1970, Toyo started receiving international acclaim and around from last 4 decades world is having a high regard for his work. Za-Koenji Public Theatre by Toyo Ito in no doubt is from one of his master peace. I wish I was there to visit it.

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