Modern Casual Pink Teenage Room Decor

These casual pink teenage room plans were presented for those girl who love in feminine decoration and want to get a deep relax in a romantic space. The whole decoration and the furniture arrangement in this room was try to accommodate the passion of adult. As we can see, the furniture in this room was completely covered by pink color. Furthermore, this teenage room was completed with the modern girl’s room decor for the furniture design. We can see clearly that this room was support with the unique and decorative design for the cabinet storage system and the bed set furniture. If we were looking deeply to this decoration we will see the Barbie decoration was the main theme here. Right, the designer was tried to complete this room with the Barbie decoration. Start from the color application and the furniture decoration in these pink teenage room decor ideas were inspired from that thought. The wardrobe and the bed site table also use the same theme. For those parents who have a teen or a kids that growing to up, they can try to get several decoration inspiration trough these feminine teen room furniture designs.{via}

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