Futuristic Retro Table Lamp Designs with Cute Lighting Fixtures Ideas

Welcome to futuristic house lighting applications that were completed with so many inspiring and applicative lighting fixtures for our home. The unique design of this lamp was indicate not only modern style but also the gorgeous layouts of a home lamp application. Actually, it was the best gift for us and for those who state as future lover. We can show our modern character through have one of these lighting fixtures lamps. The main design concept of this lamp was for table lamp so that the design of this lamp was simple, chic, and small. Say for example was this small blue table lamp color scheme that identify such as satellite for our TV cable. The unique design of these lamps was completed with functional application too so we don’t have to be worry if we want to have it. We will get more than one function of this lighting fixture. Want to show our modern character? These cute home lighting fixtures designs were the answer. So, let’s start to have one of these white retro table lamp ideas.[via]

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