Future Forum Berlin 2010


Design Hotels™ is hosting the Future Forum 2010, their annual design and architecture symposium, from 10 to 11 June of 2010 in Berlin.

The Future Forum 2010 will focus on “Hybrid Thinking” in the context of hospitality.

Hybrid thinking requires much more than a multidisciplinary team, it requires a team of multidisciplinary people. Hybrid thinkers blend different skills and fields of thought to develop innovative concepts. Their ideas have the ability to shape entire industries from automotive to hospitality. Like-minded, visionary hoteliers around the globe have started to create hybrid properties that go far beyond the original purpose of simply providing a bed.

Multidimensional hotel concepts focusing on authentic experiences are on the rise, combining elements from galleries, hospitals or film theatres with the classic idea of hospitality.

Find out more about this year’s Design Hotels™ Future Forum.

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