Attractive Glass Sliding Door Decor

This attractive glass door with floral paint decor will give a larger look for our room. The decoration that uses to decorate this door was come from the simple thought of boring feeling of the usual glass table. The additional decoration that uses to beautify this door was tried to combine both soft and rude surface. The rude surface of the translucent house door decor plans were added with several paint like word or additional paint draw. Furthermore, this door also coloring with unusual color application. Black and white color application that tries to beautify this glass door will give different appearance for this door and the space surrounded by. The hanging side of this door also uses the strong material from stainless steel. There were also the luxury glass sliding door designs that use floral decoration and the soft coloring system. As the complete decoration and the awesome look for your house space, as the transition system from a wall decoration you were invited to try on this decorative glass door design idea.{via}

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