Modern Head Character Rug Design by Timothy Liles

This unique wool rug and carpet inspiration by Timothy Liles was presented for those who love in unique design but still thought the main function of the rug. As we can see, the decoration that completed this rug was come from the thought of bored rug design. We can see that this rug was applying head shape, but it was not a complete head shape. The rug was use the cartoon head shape. Furthermore, the simple color scheme rug decor in this rug was come from the contemporary style. The soft and gentle color application in this rug will make the rug looking extraordinary and awesome. We can place this rug for our beloved kid’s room or for our family room. Absolutely, the combination of both design and the decoration of these contemporary wool rug designs was very awesome and looking decorative. As the complement decoration for our house space, it was a big deal if we can try on these modern head character rug design ideas.

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