Small Contemporary Bird House Designs

Look at these contemporary coconut bird house images and don’t be shy to try or apply the concept of this pet home. The natural look of this bird home can be seen through the real design of the coconut. Here, we were can see the big round hole that uses as the door gate for the bird to come in into this coconut home. The size of this coconut was fixing for one couple or for one little bird family. The paint of this coconut home was very real and there is no additional furnishing here. The thing that the designer does was carving the shape of the coconut so that the appearance of this bird home was being more awesome. Other pet home inspiration was the unique glass pet home inspirations that similar with aquarium design. The difference of this glass bird home and aquarium was place on the hole line of this pet home. Special for bird home, we will see there was more than one hole as the space to come-in and come-out of the bird itself. If we want more humble designs, we can try to use wood as the main material and combine with other material. As the perfect inspiration, now we can turn into these small and tiny bird house designs landscape.[via]

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