Comfortable Small Urban House Design by Jill Lewis and Lane Williams from Coop 15 Architecture

Catch up this comfortable urban house living room decor that will serve us with the comfortable and friendly decoration. The whole decoration in this space included both arrangement for the furniture and the interior decoration was making this space not only looking decorative but also looking different from the other living room décor. Other space that will rob our attention was the white kitchen decorating plans close with the living room space. Both of this room was try o complete one and other so that if we were move from the living room to the kitchen space we will see the same atmosphere. Come to the private space from this house we will see the clean urban house bathroom pictures that supported with the wooden cabinet decoration. The clean atmosphere in this space was supported from the using of the white paint and the white lamps for the lighting fixtures. Overall, the main concept of this house was the space saving house interior decorations ideas since the size of this house was not big enough. Designed for Coop 15 Architecture, the designer Jill Lewis and Lane Williams were allowed us to see these small urban house design layouts.

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