Futuristic Dream Home Design with Blue Scheme Ideas

These blue scheme home decor plans were displayed from the front line of this home design. The combination between modern and decorative can be seen into this site. We were being able to see the simple one component of this home until the complicated one. Say for example, the blue color scheme of this home was come from the simple thought of home lighting fixtures and the complicated application of the placement and the landscape of the blue scheme itself. Furthermore, we will see the open air inside corridor layouts as the continuity of both modern and futuristic thought of this home. This open air space was come from the eco – ideas of the designer as the component to reduce the uses of more electricity for this home. Those brilliant ideas still continue with the intensively home living space ideas that can be seen through the using of huge glass window system. This application also will maximize the application system of open air, it usually call open plan. Those entire statements were already applied on futuristic dream home designs.[via]

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