Acquadulza by Simone Micheli

Simone Micheli designed Acquadulza, a complex with a lounge-bar, a wine cellar and a restaurant. The design is meant to be take conceptual inspiration from the colors of nature, intentionally turned into different, displacing, non-camouflaging expressions.

An ostentatiously contemporary language permeates the interiors. The lounge-bar covers 70 square meters and extends lengthwise with exposed stonework wall surfaces treated in white granite.

The bright green paint of the wall behind the counter curves to become a suspended ceiling backlit by blue neon. The wall also camouflages the doors to the bathroom and closet. A clear glass counter has an impalpable quality that brings guests and bartenders into a closer relationship.

The furnishing is completed by a continuous stainless steel ridge counter with metal stools. The entrance to the bathrooms and the bathroom itself are clad in silver-finished porcelain stoneware on the walls and floors.

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