Apartment for Space-Age Lovers


Dash Marshall renovated this minimalist apartment in New York.

Here is the project description:

Our clients come from the future. They live in a small space capsule docked into the shell of a building designed by IM Pei in the 1960s. Smooth surfaces and strong reflections are familiar to them: life reflected in the curved glass visor of a space suit. They wanted a home to charge up between missions; they wanted a place where every boot and book, every single little thing could be hidden away; they wanted something that would make the most out of their 715 square feet. They asked Dash Marshall to design a home that would do all of this with aplomb. Dash replied with a highly flexible, intensely personal, high-gloss home for two Space-Age Lovers.








Via Contemporist

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One thought on “Apartment for Space-Age Lovers

  1. The finished design is fantastic. This is original minimalism back to its best, on the window bases the use of small greenary adds that little extra depth that the room needs to create the right environment. Minimalism is my favourite design style and what i uses as the basis for all my designs before progressing in the right dirction for the client.

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