Apartment in the Center of Madrid by Zon-e

Zon-e Arquitectos projected this amazing bookcase for an apartment in the center of Madrid, Spain.

The apartment is divided in two large and diaphanous areas: a big studio of 50 square meters and a private area that occupies 100 square meters with one small living room, a living-dining-kitchen and two bedrooms with their respective bathrooms.

The essence of the project is the bookcase of 15 meters long which serves as library, table and container, and occupies the entire wall that runs from a small living room, on the end of the plant, until the living-dining-kitchen, which receives plenty of natural light from a large inner courtyard.

Photos by Miguel de Guzmán

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5 thoughts on “Apartment in the Center of Madrid by Zon-e

  1. Reminds me of an apartment I viewed at Hua Yuan Xin Cheng near Taipei. Wall book cases, loved hard wood floor…

    Sadly, my offer wasn’t accepted.

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