Cafe & Book by Klein Dytham Architecture


The Cafe & Book, designed by Klein Dytham Architecture in 2005, is another project at Risonare Resort.

This well-curated bookstore and a cafe are open to those staying at the resort, as well as visitors. The forest motif from other spaces within the complex continues to inspire this space.



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7 thoughts on “Cafe & Book by Klein Dytham Architecture

  1. very good,your cafe is very interesting. but I want to know. How this cafe running? and can you tell me about history of your cafe ?

  2. Thank you for your interest in our cafe. This cafe is not running to anywhere, it will be in Risonare Resort. Beside, this cafe doesn’t have legs so it can’t be running. This history of this cafe can be found on, our official website. Thank you.

    p.s. this post was posted on 26th September 2007, I think or rather WE think (the whole cafe employees) you’re abit laggy. Sorry for the late reply to your June 1st comments, because we didn’t except anyone to comment after 2 years.

  3. I think you really should grow up. As a cafe manager, you’re responding to people’s comments as if you’re still a child. Obviously radick wanted to know something about how this cafe is operated, and you’re dumb enough to say something about a cafe running with legs? Don’t be so ignorant. OK, so your original page was posted in 07′ does that mean people looking at it today aren’t allowed to comment on it? You (and the whole cafe employees) really should grow up and learn to be more mature.

  4. Agree with Sam. Beside, I think the manager meant to say “expect” instead of except. So sad that a nice bookshop has such childish manager.

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