Café Germain


The Café Germain, projected by India Mahdavi, offers an alternative to the traditional Parisian brasserie.

A mix of different elements and influences, both in terms of its atmosphere and cuisine, is spread into two floors whereas each of them server a different function. Each of the restaurant’s rooms are different from each other in their moods yet very consistent. Principal elements of its decoration include check board patterns, leopard prints, bit leather sofas, stool bishops and various crystal details.

The ground floor functions as the main salon of the venue, and is where the restaurant and bar can be found. Vibrant colors, mainly reds and yellows, accompanied with blacks and whites recreate a retro dining room of the 70’s. On the other hand, the salon on the first floor, designed for private parties and gatherings is thought to be a decorative achievement.

But the most unique aspect of the restaurant is the massive yellow sculpture, created by Xavier Veilhan, that spreads across the two floors of the restaurant.







Photos by Derek Hudson

Via yatzer

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9 thoughts on “Café Germain

  1. I am a regular customer of Costes restaurants. However, it is in Café Germain that I have lived the worst restaurant experience in my life. I booked a table. When we arrived, it was not ready so we were proposed to wait at the bar, then on couch. After 30 minutes, I told them not to forget us. After an hour, they told me I would be given a table in 10 minutes. After an hour and 20 minutes, we were proposed to have dinner on the couch! What we refused. The waitress said she was sorry and that it was not her fault. After one and a half hour, they asked us to pay for the drinks because the waiter had finished his service. We asked the manager who answered, with arrogance, that either we were waiting another 15 minutes, either he was offering the drinks and we could always leave the restaurant. SO, WE WAITED FOR 1H30, ASKED TO PAY THE DRINKS NEVER BEEN SEATED, DARED TO COMPLAIN AND WERE ASKED TO LEAVE.

  2. Sounds like they neede to save some money on thre design and spend it on training their personnel. But it is a very cool design.

  3. I suspect you were talking to the yellow waitress, she just looks cool, but it’s a slut

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