Carema Healthcare Center by TAF


Swedish designers TAF have completed the interior of the Carema Healthcare Centre in Stockholm, Sweden.

Carema Healthcare is a vision of feeling better already when you enter. The concept is a stylized patchwork, inspired by bandages, patches and other medical equipment.





Photos by Lindman Photography

Via dezeen

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4 thoughts on “Carema Healthcare Center by TAF

  1. I like the chairs. They are very clean and well put together. The dining table seem too empty, and the light color furniture doesn’t help fill it up. Some wall hanging, bright color decor would help add life to this place.

  2. Very nice chairs, I agree and remind me of the Wishbone. The screens are a great idea too. I don’t think it needs any more colour. I don’t think a full space is what they were trying to achieve.

  3. very tidy…creates a serene enviroment as required to be….but some colour splash could b done to add life to the cafeteria area…to make users feel a bit pleasant…

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