Collector’s Loft in New York


UNStudio designed the interior of this loft located in Manhattan that explores the interaction between a gallery and a living space.

The existing loft space was characterized by challenging proportions: the space is long and wide, but also rather low. gently flowing curved walls were introduced to virtually divide the main space into proportionally balanced spaces. This created zones of comfortable proportions for domestic use, while simultaneously generating a large amount of wall space for the display of art.

The meandering walls frame an open a space that privileges long perspectives, with more sheltered corners and niches nestled in the curves. In this hybrid space exhibition areas merge into the living areas; a floating exhibition wall blends into library shelves on one side and into a display case on the other side.

The former windows in the south wall have been replaced by full floor to ceiling glass panes that frame and extend compelling views, over a full glass balcony, toward downtown manhattan.







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3 thoughts on “Collector’s Loft in New York

  1. White paints can really make the ambiance more elegant and exciting, You know being on a place or house with a white paint, you must be very careful with your moves or else you can accidentally dirt the area. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Using white as a main colour as you say can be very easy to dirt it, but if the room or space is designed correctly and with spacial awareness in mind then the finished look can be absolutely awesome. I myself prefere to design with white in mind and use block colour as a feature.

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