Copenhagen Penthouse


Norm Architects renovated the apartment to create the feeling of a private hotel suite for a Danish couple.

Here is the project description:

The basic idea for the renovation of this Copenhagen apartment was to create the feel of a private hotel suite for a Danish couple living in Spain. As the owners travel a lot, we wanted to create a calm and pure structure that was ideal for relaxation.

Everything but the floors and the main structure was redone and we used the existing elements to create niches where we installed hidden lights. These built-in light niches gave a clean and simple interior that needed a minimum of furnishing, lamps, etc. With all the lights being dimmable it also allows the owners to create the right cosy atmosphere that fits the often grey skies of Copenhagen. With an intelligent Home Control System they can control the lights in the whole apartment, turn on the fireplace and the air-condition with a single touch on their Iphone, as they set foot in Copenhagen Airport.

The rooftop terrace, that is almost the same size as the apartment, was completely redone in a minimalist wooden structure that allowed a Japanese inspired grass garden on the top of the concrete building overlooking the Copenhagen skyline.







Via Contemporist

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