Elisava Auditorium by Nacho Marti


Nacho Martí has converted an old classroom into the new auditorium of Elisava, the Superior Design School of Barcelona.

A big platform with a step section is created to compensate the space exaggerated length. Foam panels are placed to improve the space’s bad acoustics. These panels hide the lighting, adaptable to the different space functions.

All the intervention contrast chromatically, semantically and intentionally with the historical charm of the space, the old Commerce Chamber of Barcelona.



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One thought on “Elisava Auditorium by Nacho Marti

  1. I study on this university and i’ve to say that design is one of the worst Ive even seen. When you’re in this classroom you’re always blinded by the fluorescents…yes…seems so nice but its a fucking shit of place. All elisava sucks and this expensive and cool designer shit too.

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