EME Fusion Hotel

The EME Fusion Hotel is located in the heart of Sevilla, Spain, just in front of the Cathedral and the Giralda.

The hotel has 60 rooms and a unique gastronomic complex with 4 restaurants, bar, spa, terraces with panoramic views, swimming pools, a wellness zone and flexible and versatile spaces.

You wont find two rooms the same. Every detail taken into consideration, decorated with care and good taste, the hotel offers a wide range of possibilities to the guests, from the functionality of the Minimal Rooms to the exceptional details and views of the Advanced Rooms.

The gastronomic complex of the hotel includes a mediterranean restaurant, salad lounge, japanese cuisine, traditional tapas and drinks with style. High quality, originality and youthful service combines with design and true luxury.

Santo Mediterranean Restaurant

Japo Restaurant

Milagritos Tapas Bar

20 Pasos Cafe Lounge


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