Flat #1 Modern Minimalist Interior Idea For Small Apartment Decorating From Ecole

Designed from Ecole, this modern small apartment decorating was inspired from French country hose design. The compatible decoration and use natural material was complete this house design. Start from the white living room interior décor, we will see the wall fireplace décor from this space. The luxury look can be seen from the whole appearance of this space.

The free huge space from this place was look awesome and can be use for several needs. Other smart placement and arrangements from this small apartment was the small kitchen design and space saving bathroom design. The thing that we have to do if we want to make our small space look large was trough apply bright color for both wall paint and furniture color. Those applications will be more perfect if we complete with glass application. These tips can be shows from the glass window plans idea that use in bathroom space and the white color application from the entire pace from thus house. As the main space from a house design, we can see the decorative black and white bed room decorating idea from this small apartment idea.

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