Hatched Restaurant


Outofstock recently completed the interior of Hatched, a casual restaurant in Singapore that serves breakfast all-day.

The restaurant is located in a fifty-year old student dormitory building next tot he National University of Singapore’s Law Campus, serves up a curious array of egg-inspired dishes and desserts catering to a youthful target audience.

The intent behind the design was to create a cozy and fun dining atmosphere which identifies with the restaurant’s theme of breakfast and eggs. Another challenge was to accommodate up to 38 diners and a kitchen into the 58 square meter space.






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5 thoughts on “Hatched Restaurant

  1. Just visited there last week, the foods was amazing and the dessert are exceptionally unique. But the place are quite small unless you don’t mind waiting, you have to make reservation first. They also have an option for you to sit outside like a gardenish type bench. All and all its a must visit place….

  2. Andika check on you grammar!! Repost that shit. And there’s nothing weird with eating waffles/pancakes with bacon!

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