Heineken The City by Tjep


To create Heineken‘s first shop, Tjep decides to pour furniture into the six monumental building located in the heart of Amsterdam, as if they were filling a cold fresh glass of extra cold Heineken.

This concept translates into displays that evolve seamlessly from the floors to the walls and ceilings in abstract dynamic wave movements. The idea of coldness is consequently applied through the whole shop design. When you come into the shop you feel a cool breeze coming from the logo written in real ice on a metal wall.

A three story high fridge containing all the Heineken bottle from different markets around the world. Alongside the fridge an ice crystal evolves along the wall containing over 600 Heineken bottles. The central space features a monumental glass staircase, supporting the sense of coolness. The floors are made of a new product which features an abstract graphic representation of ice cracks and a large watermark. The cashing desks are sculptural crystal shapes.

The shop is devised in four sections: the fashion department featuring specially designed clothing, the ultimate beer shop featuring “The fridge”, a fully equipped recording studio for young music artists, a tickets and travel section for trips and events sponsored by Heineken.






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