Hi Hotel by Matali Crasset


The Hi Hotel is the first complete design environment created by Matali Crasset. The city hotel is located on the Mediterranean in Nice, Southern France.

The hotel invites us to discover, to try out and to live the contemporary. Hi Hôtel represents a proposition for a different kind of hotel life, a proposition that could not have been enunciated clearer.

The hotel itself is a lively modulating structure that changes with the rhythm of the day. The bar, designed in the shape of a gondola which forms a modern kind of alcove, can be turn in a meeting place for the hotel guest or for the outside clientele.

The rooms, designed with nine different concepts in mind, seem like real experiments to experience. The way in which space and “life that comes with it” is organized, transforms the room into real place of activity and socialism.









Photos by Patrick Gries

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