Julie Sohn Boutique by CCT Arquitectos


CCT Arquitectos projected the Julie Sohn Boutique located in Barcelona combining elegance with edginess.

The store flows around a central multifamily entry. While one arm of this U-shaped space terminates in a shop window, the other serves as the store entrance. The architects rehabilitated the brick walls, barrel-vaulted ceiling, and concrete floors, and pulled their interventions away from the historic frame.

In the entrance, a steel gangplank traverses a 1,5 meter tall basement, flanked by glass sheets. The display window opposite the entry also rises as a double-height volume in order to draw daylight into the subterranean stock room.

Once inside, a sculptural dropped ceiling that contrast with the raw historic interior receives the visitor. Giant white-lacquered pictures frames with backlight mounter to the structural brick wall serve as hanger and shelving units.







Photos by Eugeni Pons


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