Kid’s Republic Bookstore by SKSK Architects


Kid’s Republic is a colorful kids bookstore in Beijing, designed by SKSK Architects to create and cultivate the curiosity of children.

Kid’s Republic has an activity room on the first floor and a children’s bookstore on the second floor. The activity room is a rainbow-like space created with 12 colorful ribbons of different perimeters. Activities like story-telling and animation shows are periodically held here. Carpets are lain in the room for children to freely sit and lie down on the floor.

The rainbow-like ribbon starts from the hall and goes up along the stairs till the bookstore. No orderly bookshelves can be found here, and children can sit in places that appeal to them and read the picture books at their own pleasure.

The colorful ribbon starting from the stairs twist and whirls in the store, and in comes in contact with the bookshelves, tables, gate, checkout counter, ceiling, and finally, the handrail of the stairs.





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