Kindergarten by cercadelcielo

cercadelcielo designed this colorful kindergarten in Murcia, Spain, like an open space were the kids could run and play free. There are only three prefabricated boxes, semitransparent, that enclose more specific functions, such as kitchen and rest rooms.

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18 thoughts on “Kindergarten by cercadelcielo

  1. good design, love the free plan, awesome colors…
    yet what kind of scale the architect had in mind when he designed it?
    cause it’s sure as hell Gigantic when it comes to 5 year olds.

  2. wow. this sure looks like an up-market office building rather than a place for small children… its cool but eish.

  3. it’s nice but not for small guys with that dark colors on it bc it has bad effect on their mind they need light color

  4. Exactly….chidren feel more content in an enclosed room…rather then this Huge Building…

  5. ITs ossim u know,i think u d best in this feild plz.. help me out coz m going 2 start a kindergarten so i search 4 it but heartly congrates 2 u 4 wonderful interior

  6. really black is it land of death or what children needs colors need to feel happy, and the scale oh my god it is a great design with great opening but not for kindergarten

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