La Purificadora Boutique Hotel


La Purificadora Boutique Hotel, designed by Legorreta + Legorreta in collaboration with Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos, used to be an ice factory where the water was bottled and purified located in the city of Puebla, Mexico.

Here is the project description:

Located in the city of Puebla and belonging to the Master Plan “Paseo San Francisco”, the Boutique Hotel has colonial heritage and is registered as historical patrimony, which must be respected and included as part of the new design project. The building used to be an ice factory where the water was bottled and purified.

Taking this into consideration, the Boutique hotel also called “Hotel La Purificadora” was designed with the following facilities: 26 guestrooms, reception-shop, restaurant-bar, kitchen, ballrooms for events, patio with a 4-floor-height, meeting rooms, offices, and cave.
The amenities include a pool, terrace for events, gym, jacuzzi, massage and a steam room.

The project consists of a large lateral patio which is surrounded by a L-shape building in each level: on the ground floor, working as a living room, it is a prolongation of the height of the restaurant-bar and the reception-shop; in 2nd and 3rd floor, it is an empty space that separate the circulations from the rooms and on the 4th floor limiting the amenities zone. The height of the patio is partially covered by a rooftop.

The facades have the same treatment as the old building, extending plaster and stone along all its height. Main materials used are: stone (from the original construction) and old wood that contrast with the contemporary materials such as glass and steel incorporated in to the new design, as well as specially designed tiles for the bedrooms floors and onyx in the restrooms.

During the intense remodeling process, the archeologist found many glass pieces that belonged to the original building and were incorporated as La Purificadora’s graphic design.






Photos by Lourdes Legorreta, Undine Pröhl & Jaime Navarro

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5 thoughts on “La Purificadora Boutique Hotel

  1. Sorry Coolboom, but I’ve stayed here and it’s not that cool.

    Don’t be fooled by the photos.

    It looks amazing online and the first impression when you arrive is good, but then the veneer cracks.

    First of all what you can’t see in the pictures is the hotel is right next to a massive and very loud civic center. And when I say right next door, I mean the roofs almost touch. Literally. Great if you’re in Puebla for a conference, otherwise it’s noisy.

    On our five day stay we experienced all of the following:

    1) Unknowledgeable staff. Everything people at the front desk told us was incorrect whether it was directions to a restaurant, a wifi password, travel times to other tourist sites, bus schedules and more. We actually went online and in to other hotels and used their concierge services to get accurate info.

    2) Not everything works. Intermittent hot water. Wifi was down when we arrived, took 2 days to fix and it took several chats with hotel staff to get the new password. AC in the rooms is so loud you can’t hear the TV or radio when it kicks in.

    3) One great meal (Pumpkin Mole) and one awful one from which we got food poisoning.

    As mentioned when you first see the place in person or online it looks great, but on closer inspection you find things like loose electrical outlets, uncomfortable furniture, cracks in walls everywhere, loose tiles, blinds that don’t open properly, windows that won’t open/shut properly, shoddy workmanship and more…

    Maybe I’m being to anal, but design is in the details and at Purificadora the details are weak.

  2. Legorreta, as always making the same design again, again, and again. The same design, the same colors, the same style, materials, clichès, etc. Always the same. He doesn’t have more to say. His imagination is empty.

  3. Does it irritate you that his trite design is getting him work, and yours isn’t?

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