Lack Kitchen Space? These Top 10 Designs will Leave you Impressed

Don’t Let Tiny Spaces Stop you From Possessing a Beautiful Kitchen.

While most of us dream of a large home with majestic bedrooms, a fancy living area and a royal kitchen, what we usually end up with is a tiny apartment, offering less room to express your interior designing creativity. However, small homes make for really intimate, warm and cozy spaces and you might be all for it; but, a tiny kitchen always makes it to the list of “everything that’s undesirable”.

Fortunately, there are ways to work around a tiny kitchen and still make it appear beautiful, spacious, and ensure 100% functionality. Would you like to know how? With these top 10 space saving kitchen ideas, you can see how simple kitchen elements and designs can give you the kitchen of your dreams, no matter what its size is.

An all in one cabinet like this gives you the flexibility to have all your kitchen appliances in one compact unit. With a mini refrigerator, dish stacker, hot plate and kitchen sink in one unit, think about all the space you can save.


Lack Kitchen Space

If you can have mobile kitchens on food trucks, why can’t you have a mobile kitchen in your home? How would you like to own a kitchen which opens up only when you want to cook? Kitchen furniture with movable shelves and countertops are the latest to join the space saving furniture bandwagon.

Lack Kitchen Space1


An ultra modern kitchen like this needs no special room in the house; just stack it in one corner and you have access to a sink, an oven, shelves, a countertop and multipurpose cabinets. Make sure you don’t feel dizzy with all the running around in circles.

How fancy would it be if your work desk could transform itself into a kitchen whenever you need! Wouldn’t it feel like magic at your fingertips? With modern space saving furniture ideas, you can now have a multifunctional desk with a cabinet like this which doubles up as a kitchen with a sink, hot plate, dish tray and cabinets when you open it up.

Lack Kitchen Space3

If you do not have a specific space in your home to devote to your kitchen, even a tiny passageway is sufficient. All you need is a wall cabinet with a sink and a hot stove on the countertop for a functional kitchen.

With inspiring ideas such as these and by making sure you maintain minimal clutter, your kitchen will provide you with maximum efficiency at all times, no matter how little space it occupies.

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