Lime’On American Bar


STUDIOUNODESIGN designed this Amerian Bar where art, functionality and economic convenience blend perfectly together.

Project description:

The project stems from an idea of the two owners Paolo & Enzo. In order to recover as much raw material possible left over from a less recent establishment, now in a dilapidated state, the two owners made a low budget investment. Their goal is to offer customers, along with impeccable service, a place that transgresses traditional manners without losing sight of artful taste and comfort.

Therefore, with the recovery of old furnishings that were subsequently recoated or repainted, storage materials and classical wooden items were created, as well as bar counters, back counters and adorned walls, including decor such as cabinets and display shelves, tables and chairs and a particular curvature in the wall that separates the relaxation area from the bar area and creates an effect like an uncertain veil.

The choice of color is in different shades of white, both on the walls (using absolute white and a decorative painting of Giorgio Graesan called “White Paint”). On the furniture (with the use of white imitation leather upholstery and neutral cotton curtains), gives a touch of elegance to the rustic nature of the materials used.

The only interruption in color is shown at the far wall of the room where a decorative painting of Giorgio Graesan in emerald green is displayed.





Photos by Nicola Corindo

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