Lourdes Bergada Store


Deardesign have just completed the new flagship store for fashion brand Lourdes Bergada in Barcelona’s massive L’illa Diagonal.

Following fashion brand’s industrial and minimalistic style, Deardesign created a vast hangar-like feel by including all of the functions of the store, both client and private room, under one roof, but separating them with a curving wall.

This wall, created with 1.000 pieces of beech wood, forms an igloo-like huge presence and becomes a focal point that emphasizes the size of the entire space. Each piece of wood is unique and each piece is visibly numbered, a necessary technical detail for building the wall and a creative design idea to expose the making of. The use of concrete, wood and cement further completes the warehouse-like atmosphere.

The clothing brand is all about simple, clean lines and technical ability, and the industrial feel of the store interior echoes this beautifully.






Special thanks to Eric Dufourd from Deardesign for sharing.

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