Majik Cafe by Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid continues his philosophy of creating a digipop digital nature and a seamless world that excites all the senses with Majik Cafe, a new restaurant in Belgrade, Serbia.

The dynamic patterned glass bar changes color and mood throughout the customer’s stay. The restaurant is brought into the 21st technocentury with a scrolling LED message board above that displays customer’s text messages.

Cutout faces frame the entrance to the DJ Kreemy booth lounge area. Profile mirrors reflect patrons in the restrooms with data resonating form the eyes. A full-length nude photo marks the bathroom door.

The exterior is finished in polished, stainless steel, and mosaic tile. Icon shaped windows and decorative ancient Serbian patterns are updated to create a kaleidoscopic, engaging and inspiring fulgent space for lounging, dining and drinking.

Via yatzer

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