Mondolini Auto


Point. Architecture created the AUDI Terminal as a clear reference to the airport environment, extending the theme of travel to the design concept for its opening.

Project description:

Travelling is one of the fundamental archetypes of the whole human experience. Its appeal is inexorably linked to its capability to transmit cultural and emotional experiences. Seeing as the architectural concept of the AUDI Terminal itself was a clear reference to the airport environment, it was decided to extend the theme of travel to the design concept for its opening.

In this way the event allowed the dealer to convey an entirely new identity, affirming it as the starting point for a journey throughout the world. The Audi terminal opening party, conceived for Mandolini Auto Spa, thus takes the travel theme and continues it into every aspect of the opening event.

The first part of the party (welcome and dinner) takes place on the factory floor itself. This rather unusual choice was made for the dual purpose of using the backdrop of the production area for a museum exhibition and lightshow and, secondly in order to hide the showroom until the culmination of the evening.

In fact, the building, totally enveloped in red lights, had been hidden to the guests until after the dinner when they were welcomed by visual and audio entertainment provided by visual artist Claudio Sinatti and DJ Alessio Bertallot, both well known artists on the international scene.

The visual and sound installation had been conceived to create an “airport” ambiance and to further develop the travel theme inside the building.






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