Morimoto Restaurant by Tadao Ando


When the Chef Masharu Morimoto decided to make his New York solo debut in 2006 with the opening of a restaurant, famous architect Tadao Ando was chosen to design the new Morimoto Restaurant.

The stoic steel fa├žade is highlighted with an archway and the largest traditional Japanese noren curtain ever created to welcome guests.

The bi-level restaurant is separated into a 160-person seated dining area and a 40 person lounge in the lower level. Ando achieves a Zen-like serenity throughout the space by using glass privacy walls between tables, rice paper walls, and an organic ceiling that resembles the raked sand of Eastern rock gardens.

I really like the “bottle wall” composed of 17,400 half-liter plastic bottles, filled with mineral water and LED point lighting, producing a backlit shimmery effect. Impressive.







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