Olli’s Restaurant by C18 Architects

C18 Architects projected Olli’s Restaurant in a former castle in the center of Schwäbisch Hall, a medieval city in the south of Germany.

The historical substance of the building with its ancient seeming, its almost meter-strong walls and its polygonal spaces forms the framework for a few, precise interior implants: two kitchen blocks and four large desks standing freely in the space.

The atmosphere is determined by a floral topic, dipping the whole space into a vague red, giving the bar a moody appearance that radiates through the window into the lanes.

Photos by Brigida Gonzales

Via yatzer

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3 thoughts on “Olli’s Restaurant by C18 Architects

  1. unbelievable. i heard about olli´s new place…was living in sha for some years…and olli and i became acquainted.

    so, it´s both, great and strange at the same time to stumble upon that name in the internet.
    well done, hope, people appreciate it.

  2. i was here last week, try tomaten suppe and club sandwich!!!!! GREAT!!!!! (Schwabischi Hall, the little one not the Rest)

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