Praq Restaurant by Tjep

Praq has a new unique restaurant concept that welcome parents and their children without looking like a playground. Tjep created a restaurant that is inspiring and fun for children, while being comfortable and enjoyable for their parents.

The space is characterized by a monumental farm style roof composed of huge massive wooden beams. Within the space they created a playful world by placing furniture and elements that form crossovers between objects and furniture or furniture that refers to the space itself.

One space is reserved for children and their parents while the other is reserved for adults. The adult space clearly fits the same world only here the accent is more geared towards cosiness and style.

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4 thoughts on “Praq Restaurant by Tjep

  1. I find this restaurant very nice and even if i’m no more a child i’d like to go there!!

  2. you cant say bad to anything Bruno…
    maybe not your style.. but i believe that someone can like this design as me 🙂
    nice work sometimes can try to have meeting here (when i want to enjoy)

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