Studio Ippolito Fleitz Group


The number of co-workers at Ippolito Fleitz Design Studio has grown with its tasks, therefore the architects and communications designers have jointly created for themselves a new place of work on a floor of an old office building in Stuttgart.

The design of the space is in accordance with their own demanding standard as “identity architects”; the office is to be the hallmark that conveys their identity to both clients and co-workers.

Two long work desks cultivate a creative and communicative atmosphere. Shelving and furniture are executed in white or dark wood. Contrasting accents of color are set by textile bands above the workplaces that serve as light switches, and the areas of green plants. In addition to two conference rooms, cheerful communication islands are available for discussions. The studio with spacious kitchen and oversized mires is a place of both inspiration and relaxation.







Photos by Zooey Braun


Via yatzer

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